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Driving Test Information

Theory Test

The theory test consists of two parts, a multiple choice questionnaire and a hazard perception test.

You must pass both parts at the same time.

If you fail one part you will have to take the whole test again. You must pass the theory test before you are allowed to book a driving test.

The Multiple Choice Test

The test consists of you answering 50 multiple choice questions. The pass mark is 43 out of 50 and you have 57 minutes to complete the test. Certain questions may require you to give more than one answer from a selection of four. Read all the questions very carefully, sometimes pupils jump to a conclusion by reading part of a question and then putting the wrong answer. You have plenty of time so read the question again. If you are not sure then skip that question and go back to it later.

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The Hazard Perception Test

Once again this part of the test is taken on a computer screen. The test consists of you watching video footage as if you were driving a car. There are 14 video clips, 13 containing one hazard and another clip containing two, making a total of 15 hazards. You can get a maximum score of 5 points per clip. The pass mark is 44 out of 75. A hazard can be described as anything that might cause a driver to reduce speed, swerve or stop. The test is for you to spot the hazard as it develops, e.g. a car emerging from a junction, a pedestrian about to cross the road, a parked vehicle making moves to move off, a car turning right across your path etc. To get a high score you should press your mouse button for all the hazards you spot, but remember that the highest points are given just as the hazard starts to develop.

Practical Driving Test

At the start of your driving test the examiner will check your driving licence and check your eyesight by asking you to read a car number plate. You’ll then have to answer a simple question about your car, this is known as a “Tell Me’ question. Please don’t worry about this question because your instructor will teach you all the questions prior to your test.

Your examiner will then check your car to make sure its in a roadworthy condition. Once inside the car the examiner will ask you to “follow the road ahead, unless there are signs or road markings to tell you otherwise, if I want you to turn I will tell you in plenty of time”.

Your test will last approximately 40 minutes and your examiner will expect you to drive in a safe controlled manner, you should be prepared to drive smoothly, accurately and with consideration for all others on the road including pedestrians. You will be asked to perform one manoeuvre from, pulling up on the right hand side of the road and then reversing back at least two car lengths, to drive forward into a parking bay and then reversing back out safely, reverse parking around a car or into a parking bay. You could also be asked to do an emergency stop although these are not tested on every test. In order to pass your driving test you must not make more than 15 minor driving errors. No serious or dangerous faults are allowed.

Independent Driving

At some point during your test the examiner will ask you to drive independently for approximately 20 minutes, this can be either from a satellite navigation or by following a number of directions and/or route signs to particular destinations. Don’t worry about any of this because your instructor will be very familiar with all the usual routes.

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